Cooking with Alcohol with Amy Sherman

Taking Craft Beers Beyond the Glass

Chef Amy Sherman’s love and culinary passion extends beyond just the kitchen. Amy is an avid fan and “self-taught” craft beer expert. This makes her the perfect resource to help you bring food and craft beer together. Take a class with Amy! Craft Beer with Dinner on the Side. Cooking with wine seems easy enough, what about mixing things up with beer, hard cider or spirits? Join Chef Amy as we unlock the "Spirits" CabinetHere are some seasonal recommendations:

Bellʼs Oberon: The now classic spring beer, is perfect for a warm day, hints of fruit come from the ale yeast, pair this one with the first BBQ of the season. Learn more about this beer.




Arcadia Ales Whitsun: A wheat beer spiced with coriander, orange and three types of hops, it’s complex yet completely refreshing. Try it with a fresh salad, or chicken stir fry. 




New Belgium Snapshot: Starts off sweet and citrusy, finishes tart and tangy. An addition of lactobacillus takes this one over to completely refreshing and different. Would pair well with garlicky shrimp or spicy Thai food. Learn more about this beer.




Take a class with Amy! Craft Beer with Dinner on the SideJoin Chef Amy as we unlock the “”Spirits”” Cabinet.