Edible Flowers

Add some fresh color to your next meal!
Edible Flower salad D&W Fresh Market

With spring in the air, it's not long before the flowers start blooming, and everyone in the Midwest comes out of hibernation - if we haven't already. Adding flowers to your next meal or beverage is not only gorgeous presentation, but certain flowers can add great flavor to your dish! We recommend using flowers that you've grown, or know that are free from pesticides and other chemicals.
Among our favorites to use, the flowers that grow on some of your favorite herbs are a great start. Cilantro flowers and Basil flowers have great mild flavor, and add a fresh profile to your dish. Here are a few of our reccomendations:

Rose petals - With a delightful aroma and color, roses are great on top of cakes and cocktails.

Sunflower - We eat the seeds all summer, why not the flower? Use this in salads, fish dishes and risotto.

Edible Tulips - These specific Tulips are tough to find, but they taste like Romaine Lettuce and will make an unbelievable salad presentation.

Edible Flower ice D&W Fresh Market

Freezing flowers in ice is also an excellent way to showcase the color and aroma. Using roses, violas and violets are perfect for their bright color to wow your guests.