Serving up Paczki

We celebrate a treat that's essential in Fat Tuesday celebrations
Serving up Paczki for Fat Tuesday! Come get some!

It's Paczki Time!

Leading up to the Lenten season, there are some pretty common traditions seen across the globe. Between reflection, community service and being more mindful of our contributions and sacrifices for others, this is a opportunity to restart.

But before any of that, of course, there's Fat Tuesday.

The annual tradition of stuffing our faces with sweet treats before we give them up for 40 days seems a bit outrageous, but when Fat Tuesday also means that Paczki are in abundance, it's hard to complain about any of it. Before we get into any Fat Tuesday celebrations, we need to clarify that Packzi are not donuts. Although they might look similar and taste related to a classic jelly donut, Paczki dough is richer in fat and sugar content, which means Packzi are:

A) More delicious, and

B) Obviously worse for you - making it the perfect celebratory Fat Tuesday tradition.

You can get your Paczki in a wide variety of fillings and coatings, too. Classic sugar, powdered sugar, even chocolate glazed! And all of these fillings:

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Whatever you end up doing this Pre-Lenten season, make sure you do it in good taste, and preferrably with a Paczki in hand.

Treat yourself!