How to roll a Cali roll

A plate of Cli roll sushi with ginger and wasabi

On a half sheet of seaweed (Nori), gently spread 4 oz. of cooked and seasoned sushi rice. This is about the size of a baseball.

*Tip. Wearing gloves with a little bit of mayonnaise keeps the rice from sticking to your fingers

rice is placed on a Nori sheet.

You want the rice to cover evenly and completely to the boarders and the corners of the Nori.

The rice covers the Nori completely.

Flip this over so you have the rice side down. Now on top of the Nori, arrange a quarter of an avocado cut into 3rds from each end of the Nori. Do the same with pieces of cucumber, and finally the same with 2 oz. of crab salad. All your ingredients should be arranged in the equator of the Nori piece.

After the Nori and rice is flipped over, avocado is added to the middle equator of the sheet
The cucomber is also placed along the center line of the Nori
Adding the crab along with the other ingredients of the Cali roll.

Starting at one end, fold the corner forward over the ingredients, and like a wave continue to the other end. Do this until you have a good start and you can finish the roll by using your fingers to tuck in the ingredients, while pushing over the Nori to close the roll. Shape the roll with a bamboo mat, and enjoy!

The once flat sheet of Nori, rice and ingredients is rolled up.
The roll is packed together and loosely shaped.
Finally a bamboo mat is used to evenly shape the roll in preparation for cutting.
The Cali roll sushi log is ready to be cut into sushi bites.
The Cali rolls are cut to sushi servings.
Finished Cali roll sushi from our sushi recipe.