yes Fuel Rewards

What are Fuel Rewards?

  • Family Fresh Market rewards our loyal customers with discounts on fuel at our Quick Stops for qualified grocery purchases in our stores.
  • Fuel Rewards are printed on receipt paper showing your discount amount. You’ll receive it at the checkout after your grocery receipt. Watch for it to print at self-checkout stations.

How Do I Get Fuel Rewards?

  • Different promotions offer opportunities to receive fuel rewards. Example: Spend $50 in groceries, get 5 cents off per gallon. Check the weekly ad for the Fuel Reward promotion of the week.
  • If your purchase amount qualifies for the fuel reward promotion, receive a Fuel Reward coupon receipt at the checkout.
  • Some items are excluded by law, such as alcohol, tobacco, lottery, Medicaid prescriptions, postage stamps, and other service counter transactions. Your grocery receipt will indicate the qualified purchase amount for Fuel Rewards.

How Do I Redeem Fuel Rewards?

  • Fuel rewards usually have a 14-day redemption period. Special promotions may differ. Always check the expiration date on your Fuel Reward receipt.
  • 2 Fuel Reward receipts can be used at one time.

For instructions on how to use your Fuel Reward receipts, see left side of the fuel dispenser

Fuel Reward receipts can only be used once, and for a maximum of 20 gallons. Store associates can verify when / if it has been previously redeemed.