Louis M. Martini Winery

Michael Martini of Louis M. Martini Winery

Mike Martini grew up in his father and grandfather's vineyards, learning first-hand what it takes to make world-class wines. When he wasn't in school in rural St. Helena, he was working at the winery, or out riding horses. Today, St. Helena has grown up, and Mike rides a motorcycle, but he still gets up every day to make Cabernet Sauvignon that will make his family proud. 

A graduate of the world-renowned winemaking program at U.C. Davis, Mike worked alongside his father before taking over the reins as winemaker in 1977. He continues to develop his own strong personal style, creating wines that are balanced, complex, and well suited to accompany foods. 

Mike studied artisan winemaking techniques in Bordeaux and Burgundy before settling in at home. Much of what he learned there went into the micro-winery he recently built a hundred yards from his office. "This is the greatest tool kit a winemaker ever had," Mike says. "We're going to have some great wines coming out of what we learn with these small lots." 

The focus in the micro-winery is Cabernet Sauvignon. "Everyone talks about massive Cabernets," Mike says, "but the great thing about Cabernet is that its structure can show power and also elegance, grace, and finesse." 

D&W Fresh Market is proud to carry Louis M. Martini wines. 

Visit www.louismartini.com for Martini family recipes.