Meet the Kids Crew!

Meet the Kids Crew: 
Colby, Pepper, Fuji, Chia, Oatis and Olive!

Meet the Kids Crew!

Introducing nutritious foods at a young age leads to healthier eating patterns throughout life. Our Kids Crew helps make healthy foods fun!  Each Kids Crew character represents a section of MyPlate.  MyPlate is the general nutrition guideline for Americans and encourages us to eat more nutritious foods to support good health.  You will also see similarities in the colors of the Kids Crew logo and MyPlate.

Living Well Kids Crew and MyPlate

Meet Colby:

Meet Colby!  Colby represents the Dairy food group!

Meet Pepper:

Meet Pepper!  Pepper represents the Vegetable food group.

Meet Fuji:

Meet Fuji!  Fuji represents the Fruit food group.

Meet Chia:

Meet Chia!  Chia represents the Protein food group.

Meet Oatis:

Meet Oatis!  Oatis represents the Grain food group.

Meet Olive:

Meet Olive.  Olive represents Healthy Fats in foods.

While healthy fats and limiting added sugar are not sections of MyPlate, they are still important aspects of nutrition.   By reading the nutrition facts panels and ingredient lists, we will know what types of fat are in foods as well as how much added sugar, if any, a food may contain.  Mono- and poly- unsaturated fats, such as nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, salmon, and tuna, are the healthiest fats and foods with less than 10 grams of added sugar per serving are better-for-you choices!  

The Kids Crew are active for at least 60 minutes every day!

Not only do the Kids Crew teach us about nutrition, but each character also has a favorite activity which helps them meet the recommendation for 60 minutes of physical activity each day for kids!

Enter to win a gift card and Kids Crew Prizes!

Beginning January 20, 2020 encourage your children to search for the Kids Crew each month in Family Fresh Market stores!  Snap a photo of the Kids Crew in our store, then submit your photo on the entry form here!

Get healthy with Kids Crew

Enjoy a free piece of fruit while shopping from the Fruit for Kids stand in our Produce Department and check out our Kids Crew Recipes

To learn more about the Kids Crew characters, gather your child’s class or group and complete a Kids Crew Supermarket Tour at any of our stores.  Select your preferred store from the list below to learn more!

Since our Kids Crew is new in 2020, join us in celebrating these fun characters now and look forward to additional components of the Kids Crew program throughout the year!  

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Stephanie Edson Wellness Specialist SpartanNash Company


Stephanie is an award-winning registered dietitian who believes in empowering every individual to make nutritious food choices to support a healthy lifestyle. She believes in the power of food as medicine and loves sharing about nutrition with others.