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  • Organic produce near you everday!

    Discover the Convenience of Online Grocery Shopping

    Shop your favorite Family Fresh Market grocery store location from the comfort of your own home with Online & On The Go! Our staff will select your groceries and have your order ready for you at our convenient drive thru pickup lane!  Shop Online Now!

  • Succulent and juicy meat from our meat department near you.

    Discover Our Supportive and Caring Pharmacies

    Let our professional Pharmacists be your partner in good health.  Fill a prescription, get advice on how to lower your blood pressure or take advantage of one of the many health and wellness programs we offer.  Visit our Pharmacy Today!

  • Largest Variety of Natural and Organic Products Available Everyday

    Discover Organics & Natural Products

    We are proud to offer you over 150 organic and natural products to choose from every day.  Discover Organic and Natural products in the Fresh Produce department, Frozen & Dairy, Baby Products, Health & Beauty, Supplements and Pet Care.

  • Full Service Meat Counter, Our Signature Service

    Discover Full Service Meat 

    Our Butchers season, stuff, and marinate special cuts of beef, pork, poultry and sausages to help make your life easier in the kitchen. In a hurry or need a new idea for dinner? Call or stop in and we're sure to have something that will whet your appetite and please your palate.

  • The Freshest Seafood Available, Everyday!

    Discover Succulent Seafood

    We are scrupulous in procuring the very best quality fresh fish and seafood for our customers. Because we are so selective you will find only the finest choices of sustainable wild-caught items, healthy and delicious shellfish and seafood, fresh fish steaks and filets.  We have a variety of recipes as well as preparation instructions too.

  • The freshest bakery selections

    Discover the Freshest Bakery Goods

    From sinful sweets to multigrain masterpieces, our bakery selections are made fresh every day.  Choose from a variety of dessert bars or our delicious cheese cakes made right in our bakery.  And decorated cakes and tortes baked one at a time, to ensure freshness.  We also have an extensive selection of Gluten Free items.


  • Let us delight you with our Deli and Catering Services

    Discover Delightful Deli and Catering

    We specialize in delivering the perfect combination of convenience and quality. Lunch, dinner, snacks, appetizers — find the perfect food for any occasion in our Deli Department, From trans fat-free fried chicken, healthy options for kids, a grab-and-go-meal or a complete dinner, thoughtfully prepared with great care for your family.

  • Proud to offer an abundance of fresh Produce

    Discover an Abundance of Produce

    Our produce department features an extensive variety of fruits and vegetables that are always at their freshest and most delicious.  We feature locally sourced, in-season varieties, an abundance of organic choices, and hard to find items.  Colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables at their peak of ripeness, available everyday.

  • Fresh Fragrant Florals and Gift Selections

    Discover Fragrant Floral and Gifts

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  • Visit our Wine and Spirit Shops

    Discover our Wine and Spirits Shops

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  • Discover Caribou Cafe

    Discover Caribou Cafe

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