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Our Hatch Chile Roasting event is back! You buy them and we’ll professionally roast them for free!

Everyone is obsessed with Hatch Chiles this time of year. No other chile is prized more than this variety which grows in the Hatch Valley, just north of Las Cruces.  Chefs say that the intense sunlight and cool nights in this valley result in a uniquely flavored chile that’s unrivaled by any other.

Hatch Chiles have a meaty flesh and mild-medium heat making them ideal for use in Chile Con Queso, Chile Rellenos, and Chile Verde. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can also use them as ingredients in salads, soups, stews, dips, sandwiches and more! Check out our recipes below for inspiration!

Hatch Chile Roasting Schedule

Hatch Chile Roasting FAQ

Grown exclusively in Hatch, New Mexico, Hatch Chile Peppers have a limited harvest season from late summer to early fall. Known for their unique taste—smoky yet sweet, balanced with a moderate heat level—Hatch Chile Peppers’ flavors are enhanced when roasted, making them the perfect specialty ingredient in the kitchen. These prized peppers are anticipated by many. Come out and enjoy the taste of freshly roasted Hatch Peppers, along with samples of Hatch-made items and recipe ideas to make the most out of your Hatch Pepper purchase!

Due to their thick outer skin, Hatch Chile Peppers are typically roasted before eating. Roasting truly brings out the best in these peppers from flavor, texture, and aroma. There is no better way to have your Hatch Chile Peppers roasted than having them professionally done in our large tumbling roasters, which ensures your Hatch Chilis are roasted evenly and thoroughly on all sides resulting in a consistent, delicious flavor. Roasting an entire 25lb. case of peppers usually takes less than four minutes, so you’ll have your peppers perfectly roasted much quicker than using a traditional gas grill or stovetop!

Nope!  Bring your Hatch Chile Peppers and experience the convenience and flavor of freshly roasted Hatch Chile Peppers!

Depending on how they are stored, typically 3-5 days. We recommend refrigerating your Hatch Chilie Peppers in an airtight container. They can also be frozen and last up to 6 months. 

Hatch Chile Peppers are known for their versatility and their unique taste can be used in a variation of different dishes. 

Check out some delicious recipes here.

This event will be taking place at Family Fresh Market St. Peter! Check out the schedule above.

Hatch Chile Recipes