Living Well Kids Crew Meet Fuji

Healthy eating can be made fun when learning with the Kids Crew!

Our Kids Crew is here to encourage healthier choices and teach children about good nutrition.  Kids Crew is based on MyPlate and each Kids Crew character represents a section of the MyPlate.

For the Fruit section of MyPlate, our Kids Crew character is Fuji!

Illustration of Kids Crew character Fuji

Fuji’s favorite sport is tennis and he represents the Fruit food group. His favorite food is fruit salad since it contains many different fruits. Fuji teaches us about resourcefulness and reducing food waste.

Fruit is perfect for snacks and desserts since it is nature’s sweet treat!

Fruit pairs well with many meals as a side or even as part of the main dish such as in a smoothie, a nut or seed butter sandwich with sliced strawberries instead of jelly, or pork tenderloin baked with apples! When selecting fruit, of course fresh is a great option, but do not forget about canned, frozen, and dried fruits as well as 100% fruit juice! When selecting canned, frozen, and dried fruits, be sure to choose those that are packed in 100% juice and/or do not have any added sugar. Take a quick look at the ingredient list and if you read ‘sugar’, ‘cane sugar’, ‘high fructose corn syrup’, ‘corn syrup’, or any other type of ‘syrup’, then the fruit contains added sugar and is not the best choice!  Canned, frozen, and dried fruits without added sugar are just as nutritious as fresh!   While there is some natural sugar in fruit, since fruit contains many other healthy nutrients including fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these beneficial nutrients outweigh the little bit of natural sugar.

When selecting fruit juice, always choose 100% fruit juice or a juice that contains 100% fruit juice and water.  When we drink juice, we miss out on the fiber contained in whole fruits, so drinking juice should be limited to one serving, 4 ounces, each day.

As you plan your snacks, desserts and meals,  be sure to ‘Have A Plant’ and remember fruit as a healthy and delicious choice!  One last tip for selecting fruits is to choose a variety of different types and colors of fruits throughout the day.  Instead of eating only red apples and red pears, include berries such as blueberries, citrus such as clementines, peaches, grapes, pineapple, and bananas too.  Each different color fruit contains slightly different nutrients and choosing such a variety of fruit will provide the best nutrition.