Our one day Lobster Sale event returns on Saturday, October 1! Get live Maine lobster for only $12.99 each, beginning at 10:00 AM and while supplies last at the Family Fare locations listed below.

Catch them while you can!

Maine Lobster is a lean source of protein and is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken breast! Lobster meat also includes many beneficial vitamins and minerals that increase brain activity, promote healthy bones and maintain healthy nerve cells.
  • Family Fare 1801 Valley View Dr Council Bluffs IA
  • Family Fare 9479 Riley St.  Zeeland MI

  • Family Fare 2275 Health Drive SW Wyoming MI

  • Family Fare 2245 84th St. SW Byron Center MI

  • Family Fare 993 Butternut Dr. Holland MI

  • Family Fare 1185 S. Washington Holland MI

  • Family Fare 6370 Lake MI Dr. Allendale MI

  • Family Fare 6480 28th Ave. Hudsonville MI

  • Family Fare 1225 Leonard NE Grand Rapids MI

  • Family Fare 6127 Kalamazoo SE Kentwood MI

  • Family Fare 2755 Lake MI Dr. NW Grand Rapids MI

  • Family Fare 565 S. State St. Sparta MI

  • Family Fare 1181 W Randall St Coopersville MI

  • Family Fare 5241 Northland Dr Ne Grand Rapids MI

  • Family Fare 4144 US 31 South Traverse City MI

  • Family Fare 905 E. 8th Street Traverse City MI

  • Family Fare 1002 Forest Ave Frankfort MI

  • Family Fare 1057 US 31 South Manistee MI

  • Family Fare 111 Captain’s Corner M66 Charlevoix MI

  • Family Fare 829 W. Main Gaylord MI

  • Family Fare 2470 S. I-75 Bus. Loop Grayling MI

  • Family Fare 430 N. Lake St.Boyne City MI

  • Family Fare 201 Marcell Dr NE Rockford MI

  • Family Fare 3960 44th St., SW Grandville MI

  • Family Fare 2900 Burlingame Ave SW Wyoming MI

  • Family Fare 1965 Baldwin St. Jenison MI

  • Family Fare 5539 W US Hwy 10 Ludington MI

  • Family Fare 921 W Main St Fremont MI

  • Family Fare 1747 Benzie Hwy Benzonia MI

  • Family Fare 45 East Columbia Battle Creek MI

  • Family Fare 1525 W. Michigan Ave. Urbandale MI

  • Family Fare 56151 South M-51 Dowagiac MI

  • Family Fare 1603 Capital NE Battle Creek MI

  • Family Fare 847 S. Kalamazoo Ave Paw Paw MI

  • Family Fare 902 W. State Street Hastings MI

  • Family Fare 1406 North Eaton Albion MI

  • Family Fare 1411 S. Main Eaton Rapids MI

  • Family Fare 15900 W. Michigan Ave Marshall MI

  • Family Fare 120 W Prairie St, Vicksburg, MI 49097

  • Family Fare 615 Main St. Red Wing MN

  • Family Fare 601 Division St. S Northfield MN

  • Family Fare 951 E. Frontage Rd. Litchfield MN

  • Family Fare 425 Main St. W Cannon Falls MN

  • Family Fare 1100 13th Ave E West Fargo ND

  • Family Fare 1283 Roughrider Blvd Dickinson ND

  • Family Fare 5110 S. 108th St. Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 5019 Grover St. Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 1444 W Center Rd Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 108th & Maple Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 1510 Harlan Dr. Bellevue NE

  • Family Fare 238 S 8th St Blair NE

  • Family Fare 820 N Saddlecreek Rd Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 1230 N Washington St. Papillion NE

  • Family Fare 1221 S 203rd St  Omaha NE

  • Family Fare 1516 E. Saint Patrick Rapid City SD

  • Family Fare 751 Mountain View Rd Rapid City SD

  • Family Fare 212 Bay St.Chippewa Falls WI

  • Family Fare 17158 County Hwy J Chippewa Falls WI

Cooking Maine Lobster

Benefits: Meat comes out of the shell more easily, cooks faster. Fill a large pot with water seasoned with sea salt, allowing three quarts of water per 1.5 -2 pounds of Lobster. Bring water to a rolling boil. Add live Lobster and start timing immediately. Do not cover. Stir Lobsters halfway through cooking. Let lobsters rest for five minutes after cooking to allow meat to absorb moisture from the shell. See cooking times chart for total cook time.

Benefits: Yields more tender and flavorful meat, less likely to overcook. Pour two inches of water into a large pot and bring it to a rolling boil. Place lobsters in pot, cover tightly, return to a boil, and then start timing. See cooking times chart for total cook time.

Parboiling or Blanching
This method allows you to remove the meat for use in dishes that require further cooking. Follow directions for boiling, except cook for only two minutes, then remove meat while Lobsters are still warm.

The Lobster should be individually wrapped in aluminum foil, placed on a cookie sheet to prevent messes and drips and cooked in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes, preheated at 350°F.

Parboil lobsters for 5 minutes. Split lobsters down the middle underside with a sharp knife. Discard the green tomalley, sand sac near the head and black vein in the tail. Baste meat with oil or butter. Grill lobsters over medium heat, flesh side down, for 5-6 minutes. Turn, baste with oil/butter and cook for 4-5 minutes or until lobsters are cooked through, and meat is firm. Take care not to overcook.

Cooking Times

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